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Craigslist Cars For Sale By Owner

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Published: 16 July 2012

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Craigslist Cars For Sale By Owner - What is the best way to search for a car on Craigslist? That would be to go to whatever state you are in and search in the By Owner section only. Now of course you can always look in the dealer section, but you are going to find the best deals in th eBy Owner section for a reason.

That reason is known as overhead. A dealer can not sell you a car for the same price an individual can afford to sell you a car. A dealer has to pay for a lot of things like lights, commissions, sales managers, maintenance workers, people to clean the office, receptionists, furniture and upkeep that an individual selling a car doesn't have to.

When you search for used cars on Craigslist, you always want to remember to click on the Cars and Trucks section under the main For Sale category, and then click on the link that says By Owner Only and you will find all the cars there that are owned by individuals.

Of course aI can't guarantee that you won't find dealers trying to post their vehicles there, but all you have to do if you find a dealer posting ads in the wrong section is to flag that ad and if enough people do the same, that ad will be removed.

Shop Craigslist cars for sale by owner and get the best deals on automobiles right in the town you live in.