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High Protein XL Frosted Strawberry Pop Tart Oatmeal!

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Published: 21 February 2020

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My Brand New Recipe Book:

Frosted Strawberry Protein Pop Tart Oatmeal

Macros for the WHOLE Pop Tart Oatmeal:
542 Cals, 74g Carbs, 10g Fat, 39g Protein!

Ingredients for Oats:
80g Quick or Old Fashioned Oats
500ml Water
15g Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder
15g PB Party Protein Cookie Butter Powder
2g Zero Cal Sweetener of your Choice

70g Low Carb Strawberry Jam Recipe (

Ingredients for Frosting:
10g Vanilla Whey/Casein Blend Protein Powder
5g Powdered Sugar
2g Sugar Free/Fat Free White Chocolate Pudding Mix
30g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt

10g Sprinkles

1.) Add your oats to a big bowl. I say big bowl so your oats have plenty of room to rise while cooking. Add 300g water and then add to the microwave for 2:30.
2.) Take out, add 200g more water and then add back in microwave for another 2 minutes.
3.) Once oatmeal is done cooking, add your vegan protein powder, protein cookie butter powder and sweetener. Mix till combined and then add to fridge to cool for 45-60 minutes.
4.) While your oats are cooling, add your dry frosting ingredients into a bowl and mix to avoid clumping. Then add a little bit of cold water and mix. Be careful not to add too much! Then add your greek yogurt and mix. Add to fridge to cool and thicken up.
5.) Once all is ready to go, your rectangle bowl and add half your oats to the bottom. Then add your jam to the middle. Now add the rest of you oatmeal on top. Then spread you frosting on top and add your sprinkles! Enjoy!

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